Oh shirt!!! @pdxalerts Has Shirts

@pdxalerts gots shirts!
Our t-shirts are brand new and basic black with 3 colors on the front and single color on the back. These original shirts feature a tweet that might just about sum up living in Portland, Oregon: “Portland: Because crazy is as crazy does. #AvoidTheArea“.
This shirt features our current 2018 logo and shows “5 Comments, 0 Retweets, and 3 Likes“; a throwback to the original Oregon Area Code. On the back is our Twitter handle: @pdxalerts.
This is original branded content directly from the crew that runs @pdxalerts. Each shirt will be shipped with a hand written note from one of the reporters.
These soft 100% cotton t-shirts are available in Small – 3 XL. The shirts are all a little longer in the body but overall sizing seems to be consistent with other shirts we see available.
Get them now because we don’t know if we’ll do another run with this design and they have been going faster than expected.
To order your shirt, send an email requesting desired size and quantity to real.pdxalerts@gmail.com and we send payment arrangements. Shirts are shipped USPS First Class within 3 business days.
Price: $20
Shipping: $5 
Total: $25 American Dollars
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 19.16.26.png

2 thoughts on “Oh shirt!!! @pdxalerts Has Shirts

  1. This is SAD, because you are SERIOUS! You want $25 for a Tshirt to put in your petty cash for morning donuts?? People NEED their $25 for things they can actually USE!! TRY THAT!!

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