@pdxalerts is now on the internets!

Hey, folks! Welcome to @pdxalerts official webpage. We do most of our work on Twitter, but we also have a Facebook page that is updated with the tweets from our Twitter account. If you’re searching for more information about @pdxalerts, you’ve come to the right place. Background information can be found here on our about page. As well, if you have a comment, please feel free to do so here on our contact page. Since we do most of our work on Twitter, we tend to monitor that account most often. We accept direct messages on Twitter and you’re welcome to reach out that way if it’s convenient. As well, you can reach out via email: real.pdxalerts@gmail.com. Keep an eye out, we may have some new content or features coming soon to @pdxalerts.com.

As always… thanks for following @pdxalerts!

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